Fluxxe Thursdays at 32nd Street

If you find yourself bored tonight and in the mood for something different, I've got a suggestion.

We recently spend our Thursdays on 32nd Street on, well, 32nd St at the Bonifacio Blobal City.

They've got an outside bar where you can just chill and hang out.

Have a couple of beers, maybe. Prices are reasonable and you get a good view of..

...32nd Street. Hehe.

They have what's called Fluxxe Thursdays, where DJ's play a mix of electro, trance, house --

-- well you get the drift. Lots of synthesizers.

Looks like everyone's allowed to vandalise the walls inside the upstairs club.

Feel free to bring a marker if you want.

We go there because we like the music. This is not your ordinary club.

You should not hip-hop dance to this kind of music. Nuh-uh.

Don't be like Jeb (guy in white).

People here mostly just sit around, listening to the DJ. Hardly anybody dances -- which is a bit weird, really. I hadn't gotten used to it yet.

This angle -- not so flattering.


If you like a lot of Soulwax, Justice, Daft Punk, etc.
This is the place to be, I'm tellin' yah.

What's with the grimace???

Yup. Children, leave your pipes and bongs at home.

Hey, since nobody's taking my phtos, I had to be pro-active. Meh.

Got bored. Took picture of monkey keyring. Bah.

The next day, I can't resist Lolcatising them photos!

32nd Street, can be found at the Karport building. It's sort of redundant, but that building is on 32nd St, just at the foot of the fly-over going to Buendia. Hope you won't get lost!

Wallet damage? It'll be around Php 200 to Php 400 minimum, depending on how much alcohol and food you want to consume (I know, I know. That wasn't much help. Already a bit tipsy when we arrive, doh). San Mig Light is about Php 45 -- not bad, right?

Will not be there tonight, though -- sister's birthday. Ciao!

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