Jupiter Ascending: Watch it for the boots

My friends said Jupiter Ascending was a really bad movie, but I can't help but think they're exaggerating.

So I watched it today...

...and yeah, it was pretty bad.

But I can think of a lot of movies far worse (have you guys seen Vice?).

So here's what's good and bad about Jupiter Ascending:


- Mila Kunis scrubbing toilets in full make-up
- The Wachowski Brothers' special effects
- Eddie Redmayne (even though I hardly understood the words he said)
- Sean Bean and the thrill of waiting to find out if his character survives or not
- Razo's hover-cycle
- Cain Wise' awesome flying boots


Mila Kunis scrubbing toilets in full make-up
- After 21 Jumpstreet and Magic Mike, I can't take Channing Tatum seriously anymore. He acts like he's got serious bowel issues in this movie.
- The whole plot rests on Jupiter being kidnapped in succession and being rescued each time. The damsel in distress scenario gets old around halfway through.
- The Kunis-Tatum loveteam has no chemistry and does not work. Actually, Tatum is the oddest one out in the cast. The Wachowskis could have made the movie better if they had gotten the casting for the Cain Wise role right.


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Porsche said...

I also think that the storyline was too fast. If it had a book, i'd read it. I agree with your Good and Bad thoughts about it. :)

June 11, 2015 at 9:42 PM
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