Do the "Claudine"

Starting now, that's how I'll say "throwing a tantrum."  I think it's funny that saying "Don't make me angry, or else I'll do a claudine on you!" or "Damnit, I got claudined."  rolls off the tongue pretty well. Hahaha.

It's the scandal of the week and everybody and their grandmothers are talking about it.  I want to put my 2 cents in too, but I'm not going to talk about the brawl itself, because we've had enough of that.

I want to talk about those damn bags -- it's what started this whole mess!

So apparently Cebu Pacific did not load a lot of the Santiago-Barretto group's bags into the Caticlan flight they boarded, because the plane is overweight (I'm guessing it's the group's fault because it's been reported they paid over Php 4,000 in excess), but that the bags were loaded into the next flight out of Kalibo.

Understandably, anyone will get upset upon learning that their bags didn't arrive at the airport with them.  However, that's the risk you take when flying on a plane -- the list of safety precautions airlines and airports have to adhere to is as long as the Great Wall of China.  You don't want your plane to just suddenly drop from the sky, now, do yah? 

But yes, it's very upsetting.  Take it from someone who arrives at NAIA only to find out my suitcases didn't make it home -- TWICE.  The first time my suitcases spent the night in Hong Kong.  Just last month, another airline left my suitcases overnight at Narita airport.  My sister told me "How come this thing always happens to you?!"

It really sucks when the family picks me up and I don't have the gifts I plan to give them, but stuff like this happen all the time.  You can't blame ground staff, blow up on them and threaten to have them fired -- it wasn't their call to make in the first place.  It was the job of airline staff from your departing airport to make sure your flight was safe and leaving on schedule.  If your bags are late, they can't load them.  If your bags make the plane overweight, they'll have to board another plane. It's pretty simple, really.

I guess being rich and famous gives you the excuse to act like a spoiled brat.  It's  just interesting that these celebrities take offense to somebody documenting their ill-behaviour, because as far as the public is concerned, their lives are fair game. 

If celebrities behave properly in public, there would be no fuss.

A lady does NOT get involved in anything like this. Seriously.
Let the men do the dirty work!

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