Chillin' @ Chilly Willy's

The bf had just moved to his new place in Boni and found ourselves wandering out to Robinson's Place Pioneer a lot. We've discovered this joint called Chilly Willy's and no, it's not owned by this guy --

This restaurant serves Tex-Mex food at a reasonable price. A bit more expensive than Mexicali, but a LOT cheaper than Chili's.

One thing I like about it is the artwork that has been incorporated in their theme. It's so......... Latin American. (Hee! What can I say? I'm not a walking dictionary, you know.)

The menu

The paintings

The counter

The hallway

The salt & pepper shaker. Well, that thing on the right doesn't seem quite right. Is it a taco, a hotdog or SOMETHING ELSE???

Ready for our order?

We had Chicken & Beef Fajitas (P165). I had just the Chicken before, and thought that was nice too, although the Beef had this really good aroma (much like really hot shawarma. hehe!).

Chorizo & Caramelized Onion Quesadilla (P150).

And a side order of the Cajun Fries (which was excellent as fries go) with Honey-Mustard dip (much like the one they use at NYFD). This one is only P65.

All in all, I think it's one of the places we will definitely go back to from time to time, especially as it's so close to home.

The price isn't too bad, you will need at least P200 pesos for a meal. For drinks, you can get a San Mig Light for P40 and cocktails sell from less than a hundred. Bottles of Red and/or White wine are also available from P550-P700++.

Have I convinced you yet?

Wish I had taken a better photo. Sheesh.

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