Abe - Where good friends dine (or so their tagline says).

I hadn't been to Serendra for so long now, that I got excited about trying a restaurant there last friday.

I'm sure lots of people have heard about this one, but I'm not too bothered about that as the food was wonderful and and I'm just glad I had the chance to check it out.

We went to Abe, which is just across A Different Bookstore at Serendra, which serves excellent Kapampangan food. (I didn't take photos outside -- I'm too ashamed to look like an effin tourist! hahaha)

The Place

The atmosphere is a bit high-brow (as restaurants in the same area usually are), but the service is quite good. It is run by the same group of companies that owns Cafe Havana, Mojito Bay, Cafe Metro, etc.

The old photos that line the ceiling are a nice touch (just don't mind the brooding person on the left. hee!).

Order time!

We ordered the Binagoongang Baboy. It was so nice, believe me! Just the right amount of bagoong and the meat was so tender. Sorry I can't get my camera to focus better, it's just so dark inside the restaurant!

I've never tried Gising-Gising before, just because I've never been exposed to it and I don't really know what's in it (I'm not very adventurous when it comes to food you see). But when I've tried this one from Abe, I could hardly contain myself! It's basically long beans cooked with chili & coconut milk, but very tasty. It makes for a very nice vegetarian dish.

And now for the important part -- the rice.

This is Bamboo Rice, good enough for 2 people. Just imagine that it's a bit like Java rice and it also fills you up faster than the normal steamed rice. You can also opt to have all-you-can-eat rice, if you have the room for it.

For dessert, we had Maja Blanca -- so creamy! Yum!

We also had Claude's Dream (I could be wrong here, so I apologise). This is essentially buko-pandan with macapuno flavoured ice cream underneath. It was nice, but the Maja Blanca interested me more.

Wallet Damage

Be prepared to lose at least P600 for a meal here. Each dish would cost between P200+ to P300+, so if you're on a tight budget, you may not enjoy it.

I think that's the only drawback, though, as the food is quite good.

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