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I’d been watching a documentary mini-series called “One Born Every Minute,” where cameras were set up all over a maternity clinic. I’ve never had children, so I have no idea how giving birth is actually like. I’ve played with kids, sure, and passing through the children’s clothing department while shopping can be amusing, but motherhood is still quite impossible for me to fathom. 

However, I think my biological clock is giving me this nagging, broody feeling. I think it’s normal for women at a certain age.

I feel like I want to have children (two – a boy and a girl, in that order), like, right now. It’s so bizarre.

Unfortunately, I’m unattached and not likely to get married anytime soon. But I believe that’s just as well, as I don’t think I can actually take care of any children at the moment. I mean, I also want to get a new puppy, but I’m concerned about leaving it with my parents when I go off on holiday somewhere – which happens a lot lately. Children and puppies are not the same, I know, but they are both responsibilities and if I can’t handle something as small as a puppy, then children should not even be considered… for now.

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TJ Panganiban said...

I'm just 22 and I want kids of my own already, a son and a daughter preferably. But it's impossible at this time. Y'know, haha.

And don't rush it either. I have friends who had shotgun weddings due to accidental pregnancies.

Malay mo habang nanjan ka sa England diba, may lumapit na puti or whoever, ligawan ka. Yun pala yung Ladybug luck na nakita mo.

Anyway, have a nice day Ms.eMz!

April 16, 2011 at 11:07 AM
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