Single on Valentine's Day?

Single ladies shouldn’t feel excluded from all the Valentine’s Day fun! I, for one, prefer to spend Valentine’s Day with my girls. The BF doesn’t mind me doing so, as we both find the whole thing much too cheesy to spend with each other. We can be romantic whenever we want to, anyway.

There are loads of stuff that single ladies can do for Valentine’s

  1. You can go on a girls’ night out. The attached ladies who want to come should leave their husbands and boyfriends at home, so the girls can enjoy each other’s company during dinner or have a few drinks at a bar.
  2. You can go on a quick holiday outside the city. If dinner seems a little to quick and easy, going for a day out or spending the Valentine’s weekend in the countryside should do the trick.
  3. Give each other chocolate gifts. Why wait for a man to give you flowers or chocolates on Valentine’s Day, when you can enjoy a box of gourmet chocolates with your closest gal pals?

I’m sure there are loads of other things that single ladies can do on Valentine’s Day, so the above is just a few options. If you’re single, there’s no need to mope around -- just call your girlfriends!


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Online Degrees said...

Nice post....! very nice to read it! thanks for the sharing,

February 10, 2010 at 8:15 PM
caloy said...

Great idea! Being single doesn't mean you can't enjoy hearts day.

February 10, 2010 at 8:43 PM
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