The creative holiday present conundrum

Have you ever tried painstakingly making little trinkets, cards and artwork and used them as presents? I am pretty sure they have been well-received, as they must represent your personal touch and showcase your creativity. Sites like can help you channel your creativity by helping you print your designs into shirts,
ornaments, mugs, stationary and other fun stuff you can think of. If you believe you have no flair for designing your own presents, you can browse on the sites’ art posters section and choose from one of those.

Custom t-shirts are one of the more popular choices for Christmas giveaways. These are what my parents used to give away every year when my family still owned a grocery store. However, those shirts only displayed the company name and were boring as heck. I think the people that got them only wore those shirts around the neighborhood.

If we had a little bit more foresight, we could have t-shirts designed much more commercially. Then if those designs became popular, we could have also sold them eventually. What a pity! I guess I could still do that now – I could design Frustrated Sosyalera shirts and give those away for the holidays. I wonder how those would fare?

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