Gin Blossoms Live in Manila, 18 November 2010

I've been doing just about anything except write. Have been all over the place lately and most of the time I had been lost in a quagmire called "my thoughts". My Facebook and Twitter friends know a lot more, of course, because that's where I've been throwing all of my brain farts into. It's a lot easier for me to post links and forming 140-character words of wisdom.

However, the Gin Blossoms concert in Manila, which I have attended, was just too fun to keep in my Facebook. So share it with the blogosphere, I will.

I usually get a lot of work on Thursdays, so I had to pack it in early to get to the Araneta in time for gates to open. My friends and I didn't want to spend too much on tickets (I was going off to Cebu the next day), so we just got seats for the free-seating area in Upper Box A.

Of course, the trouble with the seats we got was you see next to nothing. In a concert, though, I believe you come to feel the vibe.

It wasn't a sold-out concert, but the place was still packed with 90's babies and the songs reminded everyone of their fleeting time of youth (including myself, of course).

It was all good fun -- even if they played too many songs from their new album, which most people haven't heard of.

Here are the video highlights! The camera's all shakey-shakey because the videographer (ehem) was too hyped up. Sorry!

Til I Hear It From You

As Long As It Matters

Hey Jealousy

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