Buena Casa Hotel, Subic

After a long day spent waiting, traveling and attending a wedding in Angeles, my friends and I checked into our room at the
Buena Casa Hotel in Subic.

It's a nice little hotel located along Betty Lane corner Sampson Road, within the Subic central business district.

That means it's right next to Pancake House and Teriyaki Boy in that area.

In fact, I can see people going into Pancake House right outside my window! Hehe!

The rooms are spacious, clean and the beds are very comfortable.

I was given a Deluxe room that was worth P2,100 a night.

Looks like staying in hotel rooms all by myself is becoming an expensive habit.

The bathrooms are bright, had just enough room and clean -- all of these are very important!

By the way, we got free breakfast with our rooms! I actually get two with mine (*sigh*), but I my appetite wasn't capable of wolfing down two plates at the time.

You get your breakfast at the Sabrosso Restaurant & Cafe which can be found right beside the hotel lobby.

The French Toast Breakfast was very nice, with the option of getting hotdog, ham or bacon with it. Lovely!

Their flyers say you can get a room for as low as P1,418. It may be good to check with reservations about these rates before your trip.

Buena Casa Hotel
Tel. nos. -- (047) 250 0663/ 052 0664
Email -- buenacasa@subictel.com

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Wealth Abundance said...


December 23, 2010 at 5:29 PM
Anonymous said...

Me and my wife stayed there last night and the experience was very sad. In fact this is not the first time we stayed in this hotel whenever we are in Subic we choose this place.
Last night was terribly bad!!! there is no tissue roll and the tissue holder is not even there. no SOAP and NO SHAMPOO...The worst thing I SAY WORS !!!! when me and my wife are ready to sleep the entrance door to our room suddenly opened as if a guess is about to enter???? what happened to security card key?????imagine somebody can actully enter your room be it your inside or outside doing shopping.

I hope the management read this comment,,, anyway I hope my email to them will get trough and actions will be taken...

January 27, 2011 at 10:31 AM
Anonymous said...

This hotel needs total improvement! From the time I set foot in this hotel, a stenchy odor greets you from the lobby all the way to the room. Worse, you drove all the way from Manila to have a nice holiday with your family, and guess what? What you see and read in the internet is very deceiving. We immediately looked for another hotel and by evening were long gone. Don't want to sleep in a funeral hotel! Not even a One (1) Star to measure this lousy hotel!

December 29, 2011 at 5:24 PM
Subic Hotels, Subic Resorts, Hotels In Subic said...

Buena Casa is a Cheap BUDGET Hotel in Subic.

July 13, 2012 at 12:39 PM
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