Let's roll away our stones

I'm still a U2 junkie at the moment, but I'm allowing myself to open up to different types of music recently -- it helps to keep my feet on the ground.

If there's is such a thing as emo folk rock, then I'd say Mumford & Sons will fit the bill perfectly. I'm not a big fan of folk, country or bluegrass, but these guys sure got me hooked.

I've gone to watch a bluegrass band play one time (I was with "very mature" friends)and right then & there I swear I'd fall out of my chair out of boredom. I've decided it's not for me.

Certainly, Mumford & Sons is very much different from that band (they're a lot younger, that's for sure), but more than the music, it's the how they've written the lyrics to their songs that got me listening. They're pure poetry and I painfully wish I could churn out lines like they do. Very inspiring stuff, I tell yah. Their words just have such a powerful effect on me and for some reason they hit me on a really deep level (otherwise, I wouldn't be blabbering about them like this).

I would really love to see these guys live. Wonder how, though? *think think*

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