I remember my Dad telling me when I was little “You’re so skinny that if you were made into a kite, you’d fly.”

Ok, maybe he didn’t say it quite like that (my Dad’s English is terrible, for starters), but that was the general idea. I was so skinny that my body could have been used as a kite frame – all that was needed was papel de japon (or Japanese paper, as we call it).

My skinny days are long-gone, though. I’d successfully put quite a bit of junk in my trunk when puberty kicked in, but those days of flying kites make me a bit nostalgic. Video games were for rich kids and those of us who were “have-nots” must make do with just our imaginations.

Unfortunately, I didn’t really get much kite-flying instruction in those days. It was just a lot of got-kite-will-run-with-it kind of stuff. No stunts, just straightforward flying and if your kite gets caught in the electric wires and you can’t get to them no more, then just make a new one.

Nowadays, people can get DVD supplies for almost any hobby. The Prism Freestyle Pilot DVD makes for a good start in getting some serious stunt kite flying, for those who want to take kites up to a different level.

Ain’t technology grand?


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