Marilyn Monroe's Dress: Worth Millions

I believe a lot of you have not seen the movie The Seven Year Itch, but I'm pretty sure that you are all familiar with this scene from that movie.

It's just so iconic.  It had put Marilyn Monroe in the forefront of modern pop culture.  It doesn't mean that she can act, but she is pretty darn sexy on top of that subway vent.

So can you believe that that dress had been sold to the tune of $5.6 MILLION?!  Flippin' amazing.

It was apparently part of actress Debbie Reynolds' collection of film costumes and props which, incidentally, included the Audrey Hepburn's dress during the horse race scene in My Fair Lady.  It makes me wonder of Reynolds had known long before that these dresses will be worth a fortune decades after the movies were first shown.

Maybe I should start looking for the original Darna costume of Vilma Santos... it might just be the investment of a lifetime. Hehehe.


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