How to get over jetlag when you've lost a day

On the flight back to Manila from the UK, I'd lost a day.  It's not only about sitting in the plane for over 12 hours, but also because Manila time is 7 hours ahead of British standard time -- which effectively means I'd lost 23 hours of my life just transiting from one country to another. 

As if lost time is not enough, the thing that's really a bitch about international travel is the jetlag.  It had been more than two weeks since I'd arrived and I'm still struggling to get up before 10 o'clock in the morning and falling asleep by midnight.

How do you recover from jetlag when you've lost a day?

I'd done all the usual stuff like setting the alarm early (I just fall back asleep after turning it off), reducing my caffeine intake and just relaxing an hour before bedtime -- they didn't really work for me.  I now have to take drastic measures to reset my body clock -- pills.  *sigh*  I only really need to start falling asleep early enough, to wake up early as well.

I actually find it easier to recover from jetlag when flying towards the West -- one only needs to stay up late to adjust to the time.  But coming back to the East is hard, as it means waking up earlier.  This is not easy, especially for non-morning people like me.

If you're in serious need of jetlag recovery tips, you can look them up here.

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