Capisce? Capisce!

The bf and myself wanted to try something different for dinner (guess we got tired of Micky D's delivery) and went out to look for that nice Italian restaurant in Metrowalk -- Capisce!

The Metrowalk atmosphere is itself quite relaxing and the show band playing in the middle were quite good that night -- nothing too noisy for a mid-week night out for me, thankyouverymuch.

I gotta be honest with you -- the food isn't cheap. The dish prices are between P250 to nearly P400. So be prepared to bust your wallet if you're planning to have a full-course meal.

The bf and I are trying to lose weight too, so don't expect to see many photos of food in this post. Hehe. We just ordered one dish each. Bigger meals are reserved for cheat days (i.e. weekend).

The funny thing is, the restaurant is full. Don't be mistaken -- looks like the beer bucket is cheap here, much like all the rest of the restaurants in Metrowalk (sorry, I didn't bother to look at the bar list that night. hee!)

I ordered the Spinach Canneloni (P305), which is really good. It can't get any better than this -- unless it's all spinach ( Yeah, yeah. I wanted to be Popeye back in the day).

The bf ordered Bolognese Ragu (P295), which is simple spaghetti withthe original non-pinoy-birthday style sauce -- none of that UFC Banana Ketchup and sugary tomato sauce in this one. If that's what you want, then settle for Jollibee instead. Just kidding!

If only my Kodak will cooperate... can't take a damn good picture of this, so you'll have to be happy with a crappy one.

So overall, the dishes we tried were very good. The menu isn't that daunting as you only have the basic choices in each section -- which in my view is good because there's a much better chance that the ingredients are fresh and not locked away in the freezer until someone orders them.

Furthermore, like I said earlier, the dishes are a bit on the steep side. For the prices, you expect to get sizeable portions of the food, but no, it's only good for one as you can see above.

To get to Capisce, make your way through the middle of Metrowalk, towards the back. It can be found between Brazil Brazil and Bacolod Chicken Inasal.

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