Cutting edge

I woke up this morning feeling inspired -- not so good when you're running late, though.

My hair has gotten ridiculously long because:

  1. I am scared the stylist will ruin my hair. I have had enough run-ins, believe me.
  2. I don't have time.
  3. I am LAZY.

My last visit to the salon for a trim was...


... April.


However, I am due for a fringe/ bangs trim. It has gotten quite ugly.

Long fringe is loooooong.

There's this service at a certain salon near my place where you could ask for a "bangs retouch" for about P160. Tried it last August, but I wasn't all that impressed. The stylist just literally trimmed my bangs and that's it. No shampoo, no coffee/tea, nothing! So I told myself never to do that again.

But now that I'm due for another one and couldn't be bothered to make an appointment, I decided to do it myself (taking my cue from BearBear -- thanks for the idea!). Of course, I can't cut the whole of my hair like she did (oh the horror), but thought I'd start with my fringe first. Baby steps, people. Baby steps.

Here's how I managed trimming the fringe:

  1. Tied my hair back, leaving just the fringe hanging. One thing I've read when doing this is to dry-cut the fringe. Hair is longer when wet, they say.
  2. Comb fringe straight.
  3. Twirl it about 3 times then cut hair with the scissors sticking up straight (I don't feel like having a severely straight across fringe, that's why).
  4. Check-check. Re-do above when necessary. Be wary of cutting it too short, though.
  5. Comb fringe straight. Trim the strays.

And voila!

Ok, ok.
I could've done better, but it's a start. Heh.

I think it looks much better with my hair down -- it doesn't look obvious that it so amateur-ish. Hehe!

Kindly witness the massacre that had ensued.

RIP, dearies.

'Allo new fringe! We shall do this again next month, y'hear? XD

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Kiko said...

it does look better with your hair down. And it seems you are still in your honeymoon stage with your new camera! :)

October 30, 2008 at 5:44 PM
eMz said...

@ kiko

of course! It's new, so why not use it. hahaha

October 30, 2008 at 7:42 PM
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