Helllllll yeah!

Had just been
talkin' about it, and now I've got it!

Ain't it a beaut???

I got it off eBay because it has been discontinued by Sony (they were churning off new models in time for Christmas -- eeeevil consumer manipulation). I very nearly bought a T300. It's nice, but the reason I wanted the T70 in the first place can't be found in the T300. Besides, it was going to cost me an arm and a leg!

So, I ended up with the Sony T70 primarily because of its quick-ass shutter speed. Plus I've heard that it's quite good with low-light photography.

I would have def-o gone with the Canon, but I'm sort of reluctant because although they take excellent photos, they're a bit slow on them shutters. I need to catch my doggie on the go, and the Canon compacts just won't cut it (in theory at least).

Well, I've tested my much awaited T70 and so far, so good! I've only tried it on the dog though because I need to get me a memory stick first to make proper shots. Pfttt. Damn that 31MB internal -- eet ees not enuff!!!

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