Eet ees isfeetch dipeyk day tooday!

Eavesdropping at the opticians

An old lady was having her eyes tested and came out to show her son and another woman how she looked wearing the test glasses -- you know, these ones:

Mother: Bagay ba sa akin? Hehehe! (Does this suit me? Hehehe!)

Son: Ma, you look like a bunny rabbit!

Woman: Yah, banny rebbit! Hahaha!


Took a taxi home after that and the driver said to me:

Saang fart po ng Pioneer kayo? (Which fart of Pioneer are you headed?)


Watching Wowowee's Miss Fitrum:

Question: Kung maihahalintulad mo ang sarili mo sa isang prutas, anong prutas iyon? (If you can relate yourself with a fruit, which fruit would that be?)

Contestant: Maihahalintulad ko ang sarili ko sa isang mangosten. (I can relate myself to a mangosten.)

(Dearie, it's mangosteen. With a double "e.")

I know, I know. I'm evil. Hehehe.

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