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Private detectives Inés, Eva, and Carmen often invade others' privacy but are clueless about confronting their own secrets. While on the job, these three surveillance specialists will have to cross the thin line dividing public and private matters, bringing their own issues to light in order to solve more than just their professional cases. (IMDb)

My Verdict

It's well-made, but rather dull to be quite frank about it. You tend to expect action sequences, thrills and lots and lots of suspense in a detective film -- but you don't get it here. There is bucketloads of drama, though, if you're into that.

I think this should have been a made-for-tv movie and not one to be shown in the cinema.

Lo Mejor de Mi


Lo Mejor de Mi (The Best of Me) is about Racquel, who, when she was a little girl, could not understand why everyone talked constantly about love on the radio, on TV, in Saturday afternoon films and specially in songs. She always wondered what would happen if she did not find anyone who would love her. When Racquel moves in with Tomas, she will have to ask herself what she would be willing to do for love. She will discover how beautiful, and at the same how difficult, it is to truly love someone. (Lo Mejor de Mi official synopsis)

My Verdict

The above synopsis is bullshit. The only things true about it are the last two sentences. Everything else was not shown in the film. Pfttt.

However, I can say that the film itself was beautifully made. The lead actors were quite good in expressing their characters' emotions in a subtle and realistic manner. The shots were enchanting and well thought out.

Trouble is, because the plot is pin-hole tiny, there wasn't much room to work with. What happened then was that some bits were a drag and slowed the film down. BUT, the twist at the end had made the dragging moments worth enduring.

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