Dying before 80

living in the British countryside has taught me 1 thing -- growing old ain't fun. Being in the company of many pensioners made me realize that i don't want to reach the golden age of 80.

no one can convince me otherwise.

If i never marry (and that's highly possible), i'll have to live alone as a spinster til i die. if i do marry, my children would've left me before i'm 60 and my husband would've been dead (since men live shorter lives statistically, lucky devils). i could also be bedridden by the time i'm 80. my friend Vi used to work in a nursing home, and she said the residents always try to run around on a night when the moon is full (don't wanna be a loony granny!!!) Not a happy prospect, is it?

As i pass the age of 50, i would've developed a number of illnesses brought about by old age -- high blood pressure, heart trouble, arthritis, diabetes (darn chocolates!), obesity, etc. -- and would be at the mercy of my doctor's prescriptions every week. What if i'm too old to remember to take my medication? Who cares?! I'll die in a few years anyway.

I took the bus home one day as usual. This old lady (about 90yrs old), chatted me up & was looking for my friend Vi. I said she was working at a farmshop cafe nearby. Then she droned about some polish guy who stayed in that farmshop during WW2..she told me about this guy & "how he passed away, y'know" (her exact words). This polish guy must've made a big impact on her because she kept mentioning him every other minute.. oh by the way, she sprays while she talks. Poor thing.

That's another reason. I dread getting alzhimer's or just plain talking like a broken record. To lose the mind's sharpness is a scary thought.

Not to mention your body shrinking like a prune. You noticed old people who used to be 5'6 turn into 4'11 midgets? I don't mind wrinkles,actually. but shrinking like a grape into a raisin? Nuh-uh.

Trouble is i don't smoke, i'm not an alcoholic, and i sure as hell don't want to get diabetes so i'll be cutting down on sweeties. how do i shorten my life without it looking like suicide? Hmm..

I'm not fond of veggies.. Will refusing to eat them help?

-- FS brain fart circa 17th Feb 2004

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