Imelda Marcos on beauty

A few weeks ago,
CNN TalkAsia interviewed Imelda Marcos. I just want to quote what she said about one particular question...

TalkAsia: You speak about how you and your husband, you built hospitals, you tried to improve the quality of life of people and yet, you are perhaps better known for your shoe collection and your extravagant, over the top and what appears to be irresponsible spending. That's what people associate with your name. How does that feel?

Imelda: It is never irresponsible spending when it is beauty. There is no extravagant in beauty.

Under normal circumstances, I might agree with that statement. HOWEVER, extravagant spending on beauty should involve YOUR OWN MONEY (this may or may not include your parents' money -- usually willingly given. haha!) and not money from credit cards and government funds.

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