A month-long hangover

The holidays are long gone, but why do I feel like I'm still on holiday mode?
I had been going out nearly every night, spending all my cash and nearly drank myself to a stupor quite a few times since the New Year?

I'm not sure if I'm celebrating or mourning something. Go figure.

Still,I'm hanging on to that positive outlook that I've convinced myself I should take this year. There will be so many changes and I'm a little annoyed at myself for not being able to share them here. I'll post about them as soon as they happen next time (more promises!).

I'm so out of it recently, that while taking a sip of my morning coffee today, the mug had gone off balance as I set it back on the table.

The result? Coffee all over my left foot, the left side of my trousers and the lower left end of my blouse. Thank goodness I was wearing leggings and a grey top. Hooray for dreary clothes!

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