Just a quickie wordy one

I owe this blog a lot of stories. I had been slacking in posts of late, which is quite unlike me. I had been too busy, I'm afraid. I had some time yesterday, but I devoted it to catching up with my parents and a nap.

Oh, well.

It's late, like nearly 2am late, but I thought that I might as well type something up quickly.

It's a shame, really. I made this comic strip for a week as part 1 of my entry for the Nuffnang Blog Awards contest to win invites. Unfortunately, I couldn't find the time to make Part 2. When I thought I'd try anyway, I realised that my camera battery was dead. I cannot camwhore, therefore, no contest entry. That blows.

I guess it wasn't really meant to be. If I won an invite, the trip would have been on Oct 23, which is my dad's birthday. I can't miss that! Plus, I will be leaving for my LA holiday on the 26th. So I can't stay in Singapore too late that day either.

Maybe next year, then. Pfttt.

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