Thanks for the nice compliment... NOT.

I was out shopping with my younger sister in a bazaar, when she chanced upon a dress that she was hoping to find that day.

After trying it out, she's a bit concerned because she didn't have enough cash with her (she forgot to take some money out of her atm account). She was haggling with the saleslady, who refused to put the price down to less than Php 300.

So, being the good sister that I am, I volunteered to cough up the money for her.

And the saleslady exclaimed:

Ayun naman pala, may pera pala friend mo eh! (There you go, your friend has got the money!)

Of course, my sister said:

Di ko friend yan, ate ko yan. (She's not my friend, she's my older sister.)

And the saleslady looked me up and down, looked at my sister, scanned me again and then said:

Ay! Di kayo magkamukha! Titigan ko daw ba kayo?! (pause) Hindi talaga eh! (Oh! You don't resemble each other! Even after staring at both of you, I still don't think so!)




I wanted to say:

Ok, whatever! We ARE sisters, it's just that I'm the older, darker, pudgier and frumpier version of her.

So what if I was wearing really old and faded straight-cut jeans, a faded polo shirt and flip flops and she's wearing tiny shorts and a baby tee that suits her skinny frame?


I sure did look like my sister's nanny that day, geez. I won't deny that.

That's another lesson why I shouldn't really slack off in trying to look good. Why does it have to be so hard, though?! I definitely should make an effort not to look like a manang or a frumpy lady.


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Ron Jerem Lee said...

tell her. "say it im the sister and i am pretty and i am good shape, or we will just buy from next shop!"

November 12, 2008 at 1:42 PM
eMz said...


hahaha! you know what, i hadn't thought of that. darn. i shoulda said that. hahaha

November 12, 2008 at 1:47 PM
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