FS Picks of the Week, Mar 16-22

Every Monday,
Frustrated Sosyalera will try to bring you the best of the week to come -- called FS Picks of the Week.

If I get the movie schedules wrong, I'm sorry. Sometimes the showing times aren't final 'til Wednesday, so tough. =P

Not much is happening this week (or so I think).


Punisher: War Zone

Keram Malicki-Sanchez
Larry Day
Ron Lea
TJ Storm
Tony Calabretta

Six years into his quest vengeance, the Punisher accidentally kills an undercover FBI agent while trying to take down a notorious crime family. Wracked with guilt, he considers retiring from his vigilante work, but a disfigured hitman's thirst for revenge makes the decision more difficult.


The Secret of Moonacre

Dakota Blue Richards
Ioan Gruffudd
Natascha McElhone
Tim Curry

A young girl is forced to move away from her luxurious London life when her father suddenly dies. She is sent to live with her eccentric uncle out in his country manor, where she discovers a secret world full of magic and adventure, and a family legacy that she was never prepared for.


Wolfgang: Two Sides Live

19 March
Music Museum

Ticket prices are between Php 560 to Php 1,236 (available via Ticketworld).

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