Birthday Recap

My life is going by so fast, that my blog couldn't keep up anymore. When I say that, it seems so exciting...It's not, really.

I was on leave for my birthday. I had intended to get checked up by my dentist and do some Christmas shopping to beat the rush. I also wanted to look for some new clothes.

Guess what? I had done none of that.

In fact, I did abso-flippin-lutely NOTHING.

I had spent all that time doing a bit of writing, chatting with my mum and just watched the movies that were rotting in my hard drive for months. So I guess I did something, but they weren't very productive.

I was happy! I had been too busy recently that I didn't have the luxury of time to just bum around. It felt nice after being to stressed for so long. If I went on holiday somewhere, I doubt that I would feel this relaxed.

NOTHING was the best birthday gift I had been able to give myself this year. Imagine that!

That Jackie Chan vs. Jet Li fight sequence in Forbidden Kingdom is AWESOME!

I think I'm gonna kung-fu me some more popcorn.

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