What did Mama tell you about strangers?

After I waded my intermittently barefoot ass around Ortigas to get to the shuttle bus service stop, I asked around where my specific queue was at. There were so many people at that stop and I wanted to make sure that I take the right one, or I would end up on the other side of the city.

At times like these, I wish I had bought myself a car instead of a lousy condo unit that I couldn't live in yet because the building's not up yet. The messes I get myself into! Being wet, stuck in commuter wasteland and hungry makes me want to get that nice Honday Jazz or Suzuki Swift IMMEDIATELY. But I'm as poor as a rat, so I'm gonna have to stick with this.

Anyway, I couldn't find my queue, so I asked around. After asking about 3 people, I managed to get the right one. It was loooooooong. I saw this other girl doing the same thing I did, asking around and then finally asked me about which queue I was in. When I said *bleep*, she sighed in relief.... and then I proceeded to chat to her about how I couldn't find it myself a while before and how everything was confusing and shit...

Me! Chat a complete stranger! I'm supposed to be terribly shy, but here I was, doing the monologue of my life with a complete, utter stranger! Somebody I DO NOT KNOW. I must've creeped the hell out of that woman.

Maybe stress really screws your brain up.

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bingkee said...

We Filipinos feel uncomfortable talking to strangers....we're not into chatting with them. But here in the US, the Americans do not have a hard time chatting up with strangers. They're quite friendly people so it's natural for them engage in small talk or trite talk.

September 14, 2009 at 11:46 AM
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