All that glitters

The Mar-Korina Wedding Special was being shown just a while ago and I can't really help but notice that big rock of an engagement ring that Korina was sporting. It was absolutely huge! I feel a little jealous, to be honest.

I can't help but wonder myself what sort of ring my future husband-to-be is going to give me. I would prefer it to be made of white gold with a significantly-sized emerald-cut diamond. Was that a little too specific? If The BF reads this, then he should be thankful that I gave him such a big hint. Hahaha!

If only my folks had kept some gold coins, then maybe I could have sold them to satisfy my jewelry fetish. Maybe I should just settle for the bullion in the safe?

What? So I can't daydream mid-post now? I was just kidding!

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charee said...

we are one helluva jealous freak of that huge stone.. hahahahaha!

November 11, 2009 at 2:59 PM
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