Building a better home

My parent's house is in tatters. It's a 2-story house built in the 80's, and hasn't been fixed eversince. It needs a new roof, new tiles, a new paint job... you name it, we need to have it done.

But as the folks are retired, it's up to the children to have these things done. Unfortunately, none of us know where to start! I'm the eldest, and even I don't know where to begin. One thing I do know, however, is that we would need a budget as well as an actual plan on how to do the home improvements. If only there was somebody we can ask for advice on that, it would have been quite helpful.

I read on Austin Remodeling that they can help with people's home remodelling needs as well as help them plan around the budget that they intend to use for the project. They can also help advise people on what kind of remodelling will increase the value of your home. Apparently, if you have improvements done in your bedroom, kitchen and bathroom, they return the most value.

But I thought that since our roof is beginning to leak, that might be the best place to start with our house. All I need to do now is scrimp money off my sisters!

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