Anime-ko, anime-mo

Anime has always been popular here but its popularity has skyrocketed over the last few years when cable channels were created especially for this genre. Everyone now has access to them, whereas before, fans resorted to pirated copies from secretly-placed video shops in quiet neighbourhoods (in my case it was called Animeko).

Many Filipinos have taken a liking to anime probably because they share a similar type of humour with the Japanese and growing up watching giant robots attacking cities might have also helped. Disney, Warner Bros and the like have taken a back seat when anime had taken over the syndicated morning shows of late.

I have to admit that watching Naruto before going to work is part of my daily routine (don’t you dare sneer at me for being dorky because it is so funny and you better try watching it).

However, there are adults who keep their fascination for anime a secret (like me, but I’ve come out using this post, ok?). And sometimes, finding people who share the same view are difficult, so Anime Chat is a welcome relief for us closet otakus. I’ve had a look and was instantly able to join conversations after registering. It took me less than a minute, I’m telling you.

Sorry, I gotta get chattin’. I want to know which series to watch next after I finish Naruto.

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