Prescription Eyeglasses at a Bargain

I have grown to like wearing eyeglasses over the last few years because technology has advanced so much that I didn’t have to be burdened by very thick lenses while wearing them. Yes, my eyesight is so poor that a mole can see better than I do.

My super thin lenses cost serious cash, so when the New York Times mentioned that Zenni frames are a bargain, I had to see it for myself.

Because my prescription lenses are heavy, I need a very light frame for them so it won’t dig into the sides of my nose.

I have found this light-weight Titanium full-rim frame and it is just the style I prefer. When I saw that it only cost $12.95, I nearly fell off my seat. I wouldn’t find a proper frame at that price in the Philippines. Even in the UK, the last pair of eyeglasses I bought set me back £400 which was around $800 at the time – so expensive, right?

Although times are hard at the moment, it’s not reason enough for us to neglect our eyes’ health. I should know, as I’m nearly blind. But if there’s a much cheaper way to get prescription eyeglasses, then we should go for it and get your windows to the soul checked regularly.

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