Divine Affirmation

Filipinos have always had a fascination with divination or "panghuhula." I'm not a believer, but fascinated nonetheless.

Sometimes, I am tempted to go to Quiapo (or Robinson's Galleria if I prefer an airconditioned place)to have my fortune told, but the fear of finding out a not-so-good fortune gets in the way. So I leave to job to friends who claim they can do it.

Jaja is one of them. She had done a Tarot reading for me only recently and this is what came out.


The cards on the left side signify my past (The High Priestess, The Knight of Cups -- both inverted), the middle refers to me (The Chariot, 7 of Wands) and the ones on the right signify my future (The Empress, 10 of Wands). The top show the main cards, reinforced by the cards at the bottom.

Some of the cards are upside down and its meaning changes if they are. If you're more interested in what they all mean, go to this site.

So now that I've gotten the basics out of the way, it's time to tell you guys what they mean.

The Chariot tells me that I am desperately longing for a change in situation and that I'm doing whatever needs to be done to achieve that. The 7 of Wands stresses that I will succeed with sustained effort.

The High Priestess means that I've had to be man in the past to get what I want (yeah, I'm mannish) but the Knight of Cups also means that I've drowned in the process of having done that -- having been tricked by false promises (ulk).

The future is looking bright, however. The Empress means I am seeking to gain a more nurturing kind of environment - one with lots of creativity (like blogging or my own business, perhaps). The 10 of Wands means that I will become very busy (surprise, surprise).

Now what do I do with all this knowledge now? Absolutely NOTHING.

I will not let some fortune direct my life. Because as long as I know where I want to be, then all I need to do is work towards that goal. I've been doing that anyway, so I'm just going to push on.

Go, go, go! XD

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Basti said...

I don't believe in those kinda stuff either. I trust the Lord to guide me in everything I do, and I believe that for as long as I give my best in everything I do, whatever the outcome will be, there's nothing to regret about.
Although the forces of nature and some circumstances may tend to push us to take a different route at times, we are still responsible for our every action and the decisions that we make.

We mold our own future, by making the most out of what we have now and by struggling to achieve the higher good.

February 28, 2009 at 12:10 AM
eMz said...

i agree! XD

March 2, 2009 at 11:45 AM
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