Halloween Costume Hunting In February

A few years ago, trick or treating was virtually non-existent here in the Philippines. Halloween was observed (kind of) but wasn’t celebrated. Last year, just a couple of days before we attend a Halloween party, the boyfriend wanted us to go as Peado Bear and Loli. But as we had no time to arrange them, we went without costumes, which was a huge disappointment.

So when I stumbled upon a Halloween costume store, even though it’s still only February, I’ll be prepared for this year’s party and no need to settle for a boring clown mask as a costume. No more embarrassing moments for me, thank goodness.

Oh, if only I had the legs for this Cleopatra costume!

Wonder if anybody would want their fortunes told by me when I wear this?

Although, this sexy pirate set really got me thinking. Arrr!

Something else I found out while exploring the site is that there’s apparently a haunted house backdoor where people can get great discounts. It’s sort of hush-hush, but I suspect that it’s that little comma in the “10,000” inside the box on the homepage (towards the middle of the right side) that reads “Our store has over 10,000 masquerade items for you to choose from!” (you didn’t get that from me, ok?)

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kikilabotz said...

hmmmmm. so aga mamili
i suggest mummy costume na lng. para balot n balot.

February 18, 2009 at 1:12 PM
eMz said...


February 18, 2009 at 1:17 PM
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