Been Punk'd!

The boyfriend used to be in a punk rock band so I’ve been force-fed a lot of punk since I’ve met him. Blink 182, Bowling for Soup, Eve 6, Green Day and Goldfinger became a regular part of my playlists. Hey, I’m not complaining – I’ve actually grown to like their songs.

I’ve only recently found out about Punk Chat City, and I thought it was great that people who like the same kind of music have a site to socialise in. It’s certainly interesting to see other people’s view on a certain punk song or band. Registration is free and you can start chit-chatting instantly. The whole site is neatly designed and it makes it easy for anybody to just jump into the conversations.

It would’ve been awesome if there had been a site like this back when I was a groupie (oh, how humiliating) because then we could’ve asked people what they thought about a song one of the guys wrote and probably get a good opinion on how to improve on them, if necessary.

And why stop at just punk? Punk Chat City has also got chatrooms for Goth and Emo, so there’s a little bit of variety there, but I'm sticking to Punk Pop because that's where my heart is. Hehe!

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