I will mark this day, 7th of May, as the worst, no, second worst day of my entire life. Why only second? Because the worst one is the day I got mugged in a taxi – nothing beats that shit.

So I start today walking on the sidewalk, towards the steps that lead to the office building entrance. It was raining pretty hard. The news declared typhoon “Emong” had arrived.

I had been carrying loads of stuff – my large bag, a paper bag and my laptop. Got both my hands full.

So there I was, pre-occupied with my bags, walking towards the steps when I slipped. Yeah. Slipped on the pavement. I mean, gawdamnit, slipped on the pavement with my knees and my hands on the floor kind of slipped.

I saw my bags hit the floor to my right. But in a flash, I was up again and made a beeline for the door (Miriam Quiambao, isdatchu?). Loads of people saw me, and I didn’t want to stick around to look at their faces. This wasn’t Miss Universe, where I can win first runner-up if I slip and get up with a smile. Besides, I was beet red with embarrassment. When the doors of the elevator closed in front of me, I saw the shin of my trousers dark with water and my knees were hurt. I tried to hide my knees with the paper bag.

Well actually, I think my ego hurt more than my knees.

I laughed about it when I got into the office. Thank goodness I had another pair of trousers to change into. It would’ve been funny in hindsight,right?

Little did I know that there was more to come when night fell.

I had to go to the mall after work to get some drugs. Herbal. Oops, that didn’t come out right. I meant homeopathic. Wait, that sounds like homo-empathic (even if I am). Ah, whatever. I went to get some sleeping pills.

I prepared to walk home after that, and it was still chucking it out with rain outside. I mean buckets. No biggie, I had my umbrella and the flat was just a block away. My jeans got wet (there goes another pair of trousers) and I swear, it got so heavy that you’d think they were made of lead.

I was so relieved when I arrived at the building and into the elevator, that I was damn well shocked to find that the bottom part of my paper bag had given way. The stuff inside? They were gone.


I dropped my leftover things in my room and went straight back down to retrace my steps and hopefully still find my “lost stuff” and praying I had not dropped them near the stinky trash bags that I passed by on the way home.

The culprit

(Side note: Never trust paper bags! Especially when it’s raining! THEY WILL LET YOU DOWN. I shoulda gone green long ago and used those canvas shopping bags instead.)

As I was about to exit the lobby, the doorman called out to me and pointed to the counter.

My “lost stuff” was sitting there, nice and dry.

Guess I was lucky after all!

But it was only 9pm. The night was still young.

To be continued… (last bit coming).

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Anonymous said...

dood that hella sucks! yer gonna be hella mad when i say this, but i had NO IDEA there was a typhoon going on! yesterday was my "personal day" and i kinda just stayed home, cooked, and internet'ed with the blinds closed lol.. at least u found your stuff tho! paper bags in rain are a total fail haha. worried about the "to be continued" part lol

May 8, 2009 at 6:04 PM
Jerine said...

I thought I had a bad day... my friend asked me for a favor to check out her stuff in uni. I rushed to the uni and that place was closed. Then I rushed to return my dvds and they fine me because i was five minutes late. i went to McD's to get some cheeseburger, guess what... McD's ran out of cheeseburgers. I called up a friend and thought want to bitch about my day, but she never answer the call. So I thought of going to the library to go online and chat with friends instead. The library also close earlier, because it's friday and I forgotten about it. I walked to the bus stop and the bus passed by in front of me. And it was the last bus! I had to walk 5km back home in cold weather. I think today is the official bad luck day.

Anyway, I almost had same experience like you. It was raining and I just done grocery shopping. I fell and my stuff fell too. I thought I could pick up my stuff and continue walking, but the plastic bag was biodegradable. They melted. I couldn't carry all my stuff back. And waste almost $100 for that. Not to mention, I got cut on my ankle and bruised knee.

May 8, 2009 at 6:16 PM
eMz said...

hahaha! you're one of the lucky ones then if you had no idea what went on yesterday. XD

damn, McD's ran out of cheeseburgers??? now THAT's bad!

May 8, 2009 at 7:07 PM
Judd said...

It's okay, it happens to everyone. It happens to me a lot, but that's because I'm so clumsy.

Or ask Jaja, the queen of clumsiness. I'm sure she has a lot of things to share (with her being always drunk and clumsy and all), apart from her "nakatapon-ako-ng-beer" stories.

May 9, 2009 at 12:47 PM
eMz said...

you have no idea how bad this is. tsk.

May 9, 2009 at 4:26 PM
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